Everybody knows that highways are never safe. Distractions or negligence can always be an unwanted cause of road accidents. However, most of these incidents can be averted by changing a few of your driving habits. 

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This article from Fastrack Driving Academy, top truck driving school in Calgary NE describes all the major safety-ensuring habits that can really change the way you drive a commercial vehicle without compromising on the fun part that driving gives you.

  1. Follow The Stipulated Speed Limits

Firstly, keep in mind that in construction zones or special economic zones, the speed limit may be lowered, while the penalties for speeding may be raised. Speeding in every case just not puts your life at risk but others’ lives too. So, try slowing down and abide by the suggested speed limits.

  1. Inspect Your Brakes For Functionality On Regular Basis

It is, no doubt, very crucial to check the functioning of brakes regularly. If your brakes fail, there may not always be a handy runaway truck ramp nearby to catch you. Hence, be on a safer side and check your brakes on a regular basis.

  1. Take Time To Rest

You should schedule your day with your hours of service in mind so that you can drive safely. However, if you start to feel sleepy, stop and rest. Don’t drive while fatigued. This is a common mistake that truckers make in greed of more money or some extra bucks.

  1. Keep An Eye On The Blind Spots

Small automobiles are simple to miss. To give drivers adequate time to avoid your blind area, signal your intention to change lanes or turn far in advance. Additional side mirrors might be purchased to increase visibility. We are seeing recordings taken by truckers on the road of foolish and dangerous things that automobile drivers do without regard for a truck more and more frequently. A dash camera that can display your blind areas could be worth the price.

  1. Avoid Road Rages

Since we all have phones in our trucks now, you should call the highway patrol if you observe a car driver that is driving recklessly to see what they can do to help. Avoid engaging in road rage incidents since doing so will simply make the issue worse.

  1. Don’t Drive When Intoxicated 

Not simply booze and illicit substances. A lot of prescription and over-the-counter medications might make you sleepy, so be aware of their effects. Watch out for Red Bull and other caffeinated beverages. You could be too weary to drive safely once the high wears off.

By turning these suggestions into habits, truckers can avoid meeting the highway patrol officers, accident attorneys, insurance auditors, and DOT personnel in person. Instead, these devoted freight transporters will take pleasure in the friendship of other truckers, new acquaintances at rest stops, and content freight corporations. So, come enroll in a truck driving course at top truck driving school in Calgary NE.


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