Air Brake Training

Our air brake course in Calgary NEĀ involves the working of air brake system, managing system failures, theory and practical use of the system.

Air Brake Training covers legislation, regulations, air brake systems and components and correct procedures required to safely operate a vehicle equipped with an air brake system. The drivers of vehicles equipped with air brake are required to have the ā€˜Air Brake Endorsementā€™ as part of their current license classification. You will prepare for this endorsement while taking the air brake course.

Upon completion of the air brake course, you will be issued an ā€˜Air Brake Endorsementā€™. Now you are ready to write a Knowledge test at registry.

  • In class training: 6.5 hours
  • In-vehicle- 2 hours
Air Brake Course in Calgary NE

Air Brake Certification components include:

  • The Components Of An Air Brake System
  • How The Basic System Works
  • Spring Parking Brakes
  • Trailer System
  • Dual Air Brake System
  • Electronic Controlled Braking And Traction Systems
  • Brake Adjustment And In-Service Check
  • Pre-Trip Air Brake Inspection