Class 5 Classroom (Insurance Reduction Course)

Class 5 Classroom (Insurance Reduction Course)

Revamp your driving skills and cut costs with our Class 5 Classroom Insurance Reduction Course. Designed to help drivers save on insurance premiums while enhancing road safety, this course is your ticket to smarter driving and bigger savings.

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What We Offer

The required 405 classroom hours teaches you the theory behind driving a Class 1 vehicle You have two options for taking the classroom hours-in-person or online.

Led by certified instructors, our interactive sessions cover defensive driving, traffic laws, and accident prevention strategies. This means you can get ready for engaging discussions and practical tips that will elevate your driving game.

Why Enroll?

Completing our course not only boosts your confidence behind the wheel but also unlocks potential savings on your vehicle insurance. By investing in your skills, you’re investing in your financial well-being.This is your way towards safer roads and lower insurance premiums!