Driving Class 1 Melt Training

Driving Class 1 Melt Training

MELT for Class 1 driver licence applicants is a prerequisite effective October 18, 2021. Drivers seeking a Class 1 commercial licence must first complete mandatory entry-level training (MELT). MELT consists of 113 hours training:

  • 40.5 classroom hours
  • 15.5 in-yard hours
  • 57 in-vehicle hours
Training focuses on priority curriculum areas:
  • Basic driving techniques
  • Professional driving habits
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Air Brake
  • Backing maneuver

As a training institution that has always been dedicated to a higher level of learning and safety. We welcome these superior training standards with open arms, believing them to be long overdue. Yes, more time, and dedication is required from students – but the end result will be better track records amongst commercial drivers in Calgary and safer roads overall, eventually leading to nationwide MELT standards.

Classroom hours

The required 40.5 classroom hours teaches you the theory behind driving a Class 1 vehicle. You have two options for taking the classroom hours – in-person or online.

In-person training

Complete your 40.5 classroom hours in a traditional classroom setting through a certified calgary class 1 driving instructor. For details, pricing and scheduling, please contact a certified driving mentor at fastrack driving academy.