Class 5 Driver Training

Classroom Training

The class size will range from 10 to 30 students. The duration of classroom sessions will vary: Weekday evenings may be 3 to 4 hours and weekends 8 to 8.5

  • There will be lectures, group work, class discussions, videos
    and homework
  • You will likely have the same instructor for all sessions.
  • Your classroom and in-vehicle instructor may or may
    not be the same person
  • Guest speakers may include someone from police,
    ambulance and fire departments

In-vehicle training

In-vehicle training can include:

  • behind-the-wheel, hands-on training
  • discussing the lesson before and after driving
  • preparing for new activities through
    demonstration, illustration and observation
  • grading and feedback after each lesson and at the
    end of the course – a minimum overall score of 7.5
    out of 10 is required by the end of the training