The transportation industry plays a crucial role in keeping goods moving from one place to another in the vast network of highways that crisscross the country.

Within this industry, truckers are the backbone, because they ensure that products reach their destinations in a timely and efficient. With that, one peculiar piece of advice that experts often give to truckers is to use flickering lights while driving on roads during their training at commercial truck driving school in Calgary.

This may seem counterintuitive initially, but as we delve into the reasons behind this recommendation, it becomes clear that there is a method to the madness.

So, to know about that in detail let’s have a look at the reason why experts recommend using flickering lights through this blog:

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1. Helps in Reducing the Accidents Occur on Blind Spots

Trucks, by their nature, have larger blind spots compared to smaller vehicles. Flickering lights, when strategically used, can help mitigate this issue.

By catching the eye of drivers in adjacent lanes, truckers can reduce the likelihood of being in someone else’s blind spot, ultimately contributing to safer highway driving. With this, truckers and others get the ease that they will not fall into unwanted situations.

2. Act as a Good Communication Tool

Flickering lights can serve as a communication tool on the road. Truckers often use their lights to convey messages to other drivers. For instance, a series of quick flickers might signal that it’s safe for a vehicle to merge in front of the truck.

This non-verbal communication helps in fostering better understanding and cooperation among drivers, leading to a more harmonious flow of traffic.

So, truckers during their training sessions should know well about this language and try to use flickering lights from the start to not fall into this kind of problem.

3. Helps in Adapting to Better Driving Conditions

Different driving conditions require different visibility strategies. Flickering lights can be particularly effective in foggy or rainy conditions, where a steady beam of light might get diffused. This intermittent nature makes this very important for truckers to know about flickering lights and avoid falling into bad driving situations.

4. To Manage the Nighttime Driving Challenges

This truckers know really well that nighttime driving poses its own set of challenges, and reduced visibility becomes a significant concern. Flickering lights can act as a beacon in the darkness, guiding other drivers and alerting them to the presence of the truck. So, truckers should learn about this during training and be a better professional to drive freely on the roads.

5. Will Get to Manage Fatigue Situations in a Better Way

Another problem truckers face is that they often face long hours on the road, which leads them to get fatigued quickly. To resolve this problem, flickering lights help combat drowsiness in two ways. 

  • Firstly, the dynamic nature of flickering lights can keep the trucker more engaged, reducing the risk of monotony-induced fatigue. 
  • Secondly, the noticeable lights can attract the attention of other drivers, providing an additional layer of safety in case the trucker’s alertness is compromised.

6. Helps Truckers in Enhancing their Road Visibility

The reason that experts advise truckers is that they should use flickering lights to enhance their visibility on the roads. The sheer size of trucks can make them challenging to notice, especially in adverse weather conditions or low-light situations. 

At that time, flickering lights can attract more attention from other drivers, making it easier for them to spot the truck on the road and drive conveniently without getting into any trouble or accident.

Final Words

These interesting reasons give this idea to truckers that if they keep the advice of professionals in their mind during the training time at commercial truck driving school in Calgary, then they will be able to know the importance of flickering lights. 

So, if you feel like knowing more about the importance of flickering lights and want to be better in driving then you should get in touch with Fastrack Driving Academy right away.

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